25년의 광경화 레진합성 기술을 기반한 3D프린팅 전문업체



[SuperRigid] 흰색 500g
가격 67,800
제조사 ㈜쓰리디머티리얼즈
원산지 대한민국
총 상품 금액     67,800
[50% Ceramic Filled] SuperRigid contains 50% ceramic and allows for strong industrial grade ceramic like prototypes.
[High Modulus Ceramic Like] SuperRigid has 6.0GPa tensile and 8.0GPa flexural modules simulating stiffness of ceramic and glass fiber-filled thermoplastics.
[Compatible to All LCD Printers] Unique photosensitization technology make SuperRigid compatible for all printers from Photon, Creality, Phrozen, Pruda, QIDI, ELEGOO, LONGER, NOVA, Voxelab and all kind of regular and mono LCD 3D printers.
[Environmentally Friendly] All 3DMaterials Standard Resins are certified and compliant with most of environmental safety rules and compliance worldwide including RoHS, EPA Method 610, California Proposition 65 - Phthalates Content.
[Low Shrinkage] SuperRigid is formulated for 3D printer using LCD panel with low shrinkage oligomers synthesized in-house and monomers enhancing dimensional stability after post-curing.
[Super Series] SuperPP (Tough and Durable Like PP), SuperPCS (Tough and Durable with 8K Precision), SuperPCS V-0 (Non-Flammable UL94 V-0), SuperFlex (Flexible Like TPU), SuperRigid (Glass Filled 6.0GPa Modulus), SuperElastic (Flexible Like Silicone), SuperHDT (Highest HDT of 464°F), SuperHDT V-0 (Non-Flammable UL94 V-0), SuperCast (Wax Filled Castable), SuperESD V-0 (Electrostatic Discharge Safe with Non-Flammable UL94 V-0) are also available as Engineering Resins from 3DMaterials.

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