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[SuperDurable] FEP Film 280mm x 200mm (5 Sheets)
Price($) $ 25.80  $ 23.22
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Manufacturer 3DMaterials Co., Ltd
Origin Republic of Korea
Total price     $ 23.22
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[High Quality FEP] 100% Pure FEP film made by DAIKIN Made in Japan Used.
[Strength and Toughness] 50um FEP film with 50um strong optical grade PET film by 25 um silicone OCA.
[x5 Stronger] Tensile modulus of SuperDurable FEP has 50MPa which is 5 times higher than 8MPa of 125um FEP film.
[Protect from Spill] SuperDurable FEP save 3D printer from resin spill created by easy puncture or teared FEP film.
[>95% or Higher Transparency] Pure FEP, optical grade PET and silicone OCA give more than 95% transmittance.