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[SuperPCS] Grey
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Manufacturer 3DMaterials Co., Ltd
Origin Republic of Korea
Total price     $ 33.83
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[Fast Printing] Unique photosensitization technology developed by 3DMaterials allow for curing 50um layer in 1.5 sec with monochrome LCD (compatible for Photon Mono, Mono X) and in 3.0 sec with Regular LCD (compatible for Phrozen, ELEGOO, LONGER, Voxelab).

[Low Viscosity for Precision 8K Printing] SuperPCS is optimized for 4K & 8K LCD system. Its’ very low viscosity allow for extremely high-resolution 3D printing of objects at high speed with 22um resolution.

[High Modulus with High Elongation at Break] SuperPCS has 1.8GPa tensile and 2.8GPa flexural modulus with 15% elongation at break.

[Gray Color] SuperPCS has a gray color for 8K precision printing and painting.

[Tough & Durable] Revolutionary oligomers developed and synthesized by 3DMaterials allow for 3D printing parts with stiffness and durability at the same time.

[Compatible to All LCD Printers] Unique photosensitization technology make SuperPCS compatible for all printers from Photon, Creality, Phrozen, Pruda, QIDI, ELEGOO, LONGER, NOVA, Voxelab and all kind of regular and mono LCD 3D printers.

[Low Shrinkage & Toughness] SuperPCS is formulated for 3D printer using LCD panel with low shrinkage oligomers synthesized in-house and monomers enhancing toughness of prints.


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