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3DMaterials Water Washable Resin Cleaning Demo Video
Writer : 3DMaterials( contact@3DMaterials.com)   Date : 18-02-13   View : 18939

3DMaterials Water Washable Resin Cleaning Demo Video

The unique feature of 3DMaterials resin is ‘Water Cleanable’. 

The patent technology of Luvantix allow all 3D printings resin cleaned with just worm tab water with soap. 

This feature allow user eliminate Iso-propanol (IPA) washing process which require proper ventilation system and extra cost involving handling chemicals.

Using gentle brush and rubbing, the printed objects are cleaned thoroughly in basket of water or in tab water. 

If quicker or cleaner cleaning is needed, then using soap or warmer water save time and to give cleaner result.

Details of cleaning process is posted in Youtube



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