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[SuperFast] White
SuperFast Curing time
-1.0 sec (Mono LCD 50um)
-4.0 sec (LCD 50um)
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TDS   TDS_3DMaterials_SuperFast.pdf
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[Fast Curing] Unique photosensitization technology developed by 3DMaterials allow for curing 50um layer in 1.0 sec with monochrome LCD like Anycubic Mono, Mono X and in 4.0 sec with Phrozen, ELEGOO, LONGER, Voxelab.

[Water Washable] Based on revolutionary water washable oligomer technology, the printed products, platform and resin tank can be easily cleaned with warm tap water and soap.

[Compatible to All LCD Printers] Unique photosensitization technology make SuperFast compatible with all printers from ANYCUBIC, Creality, Phrozen, Pruda, QIDI, ELEGOO, LONGER, NOVA, Voxelab and all kind of regular and mono LCD 3D Printers.

[Environmentally Friendly] All 3DMaterials Standard Resins are certified and compliant with most of environmental safety rules and compliances worldwide including RoHS, EPA Method 610, California Proposition 65 - Phthalates Content.

[Low Shrinkage & Toughness] SuperFast is formulated for 3D printer using LCD panel with low shrinkage oligomers synthesized in-house and monomers enhancing toughness of prints.

[Low Viscosity for Precision Printing] SuperFast is optimized for LCD system. Its’ very low viscosity allow for extremely high-resolution 3D printing of objects at high speed with 35um resolution.

[Super Series] SuperPP (Tough and Durable Like PP), SuperFlex (Flexible Like TPU), SuperRigid (Glass Filled 5.0GPa Modulus), SuperElastic (Flexible Like Silicone) are also available as Engineering Resin options from 3DMaterials.








[Recommended Layer Exposure Setting for 3D Printer (1)]


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