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[SuperHDT] Clear
SuperHDT Highest Heat Deflection Temperature 464°F
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[Heat Deflection Temperature 464°F] SuperHDT has the highest heat deflection temperature of 464°F in the world contains 45% and allows for heat resistance prototype parts.

[Fast Curing] Unique photosensitization technology developed by 3DMaterials allow for curing 50um layer in 1.7 sec with monochrome LCD (compatible for Anycubic Mono, Mono X) and in 4.5 sec with Regular LCD (compatible for Phrozen, ELEGOO, LONGER, Voxelab).

[Low Viscosity for Precision 8K Printing] SuperHDT is optimized for 4K & 8K LCD system. Its’ very low viscosity allow for extremely high-resolution 3D printing of objects at high speed with 22um resolution.

[Compatible to All LCD Printers] Unique photosensitization technology make SuperHDT compatible for all printers from ANYCUBIC, Creality, Phrozen, Pruda, QIDI, ELEGOO, LONGER, NOVA, Voxelab and all kind of regular and mono LCD 3D printers.

[Environmentally Friendly] All 3DMaterials Standard Resins are certified and compliant with most of environmental safety rules and compliance worldwide including RoHS, EPA Method 610, California Proposition 65 - Phthalates Content.

[Low Shrinkage] SuperHDT is formulated for 3D printer using LCD panel with low shrinkage oligomers synthesized in-house and monomers enhancing dimensional stability after post-curing.

[Super Series] SuperPP (Tough and Durable Like PP), SuperPCS (Tough and Durable with Precision), SuperFlex (Flexible Like TPU), SuperRigid (Glass Filled 5.0GPa Modulus), SuperElastic (Flexible Like Silicone), SuperHDT (Highest HDT of 464°F), SuperSLB (Water Soluble), SuperCast (Wax Filled Castable) are also available as Engineering Resin Options from 3DMaterials.



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