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About Luvantix 3DMaterials®
Luvantix have been developing UV curable Resin since 1996 for Optical Fiber and Display industries.
Our strong background in UV curing chemistry and oligomer syntheses technology create innovative and user friendly "Water Washable"
Standard & Engineering 3D printing resins.

Luvantix also have been co-developing 3DMaterials® with GLUCK, the leading company in 3D printing service, to pinpoint just right optical
& physical properties of the resins for the perfect 3D printability. 3DMaterials® have been tested and improved by the most experienced
3D print experts and these co-developments insure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Luvantix 3DM® will be on the leading edge of advanced materials R&D and pursue development of new 3D materials for various industries
at where 3D printing technology will be platform of innovation
Certification of Luvantix 3DMaterials®
Water Washable 3DM® Standard Resin is certified and compliant with most of environmental safety rules and compliances worldwide
including RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), EPA Method 610 (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons PAHs),
California Proposition 65 - Phthalates Content and it is registered to FDA.

Luvantix 3DMaterials® Standard Resin is the most user friendly and environment friendly 3D printing resins in the market.
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