25 years experience for 3D Printing



New 3d Printer, New Materials, Less cost
3D Printing Solution for Mass-Customized Business
3DMaterials provide innovative and cost-effective materials and 3D printing solution for the mass-customized business
by synthesizing UV-curable polymers and eliminating costly post treatment processes of 3D printing.

3DMaterials is built on the base of 30 years of industrial experience in UV Curable Polymers Material Sciences and Engineering.
3DMaterials create new level of nano composites to overcome biological and mechanical limitation of 3D printing.
Without scarifying any of remarkable industrials polymers distinctions, they possess biocompatibility,
mechanical toughness and cost effectiveness to replace cheap, well-known industrial polymers.
Since 2015. 12.,
3DMaterials has been evolved and continues innovating 3D printing technology
  • 2015. 12.

    R&D team setup
    and the technical road map
    were announced

  • 2017. 04.

    3DMaterials Dept.
    setup and started
    standard resin sale

  • 2018. 10.

    CE Class II
    Bio-Compatible 3D resin
    RAYDENT sale started

  • 2019. 10.

    PPLike® with
    HYNDAI KIA Group

  • 2019. 12.

    LuDiMen-620 prototype
    developed and tested

  • 2019. 12.

    Solid SLA prototype
    developed and tested.
    Patent filed

  • 2019. 12.

    3DMaterials Co., Ltd.
    company established
    by Luvantix ADM

  • 2020. 10

    3D Standard printer

  • 2021. 3.


  • 2021. 12.


Certification of Luvantix 3DMaterials®
Water Washable 3DM® Standard Resin is certified and compliant with most of environmental safety rules
and compliances worldwide including RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances),
EPA Method 610 (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons PAHs), California Proposition 65 - Phthalates Content
and it is registered to FDA. 3DMaterials’ Dental Series has been certified by CE as Class II a.Our current brands,
such as PPLike and PCLike, and The patents for the product have also been applied.

Luvantix 3DMaterials® Standard Resin is the most user friendly and environment friendly
3D printing resins in the market.
Certification of Luvantix 3DMaterials
No. Inventor Patent Sort Date Patent Number
1 3DMaterials Co., Ltd 3D Printing Methods in Continuous Production Registered 2019-12-31 10-2019-0179633
2 3DMaterials Co., Ltd 3D Printing Method with Low Temperature Phase Ink Constructions Registered 2019-12-31 10-2019-0179632
3 3DMaterials Co., Ltd LCD-based high-speed 3D printer Registered 2020-02-10 10-2020-0015709
No Date Patent Number Sort Brand Description
01 2020.02.19 40-2020-0027630 01
and 10 more
Polycarbonate resin, Polypropylene resin, Polystyrene resin, Unprocessed artificial resin for 3D printers, etc.
02 2020.02.19 40-2020-0027631 02 Laser printer ink, Printer ink, Silicon printing ink, Printing ink, Printion paste (ink), etc.
03 2020.02.19 40-2020-0027632 07 3D product manufacturing printing machine, 3D printer, 3D printing pen, 3D model manufacturing metal processing machine, etc.
04 2020.02.19 40-2020-0027633 09 Computer software for 2/3D simulation for industrial product design and development, etc.
05 2020.02.19 40-2020-0027634 17 Plastic filament for 3D printing, resin and rubber for 3D printing, semi-processed resin, semi-processed rubber, etc.
06 2020.02.19 40-2020-0027635 40 3D printing business, 3D printer rental business, 3D printing agency by order, etc.
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